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Many resources are available for community members and civilian practitioners who work with military or veteran families. The Military Family Research Institute has identified useful information on various topics.

A Battle Plan for Supporting Military Families

The fourth book in MFRI’s “Risk and Resilience in Military and Veteran Families” series, “A Battle Plan for Supporting Military Families” offers key insights that focus on how organizations can produce powerful support for military and veteran families during war. Contributors integrated the knowledge they gained during their work with families after 9/11, distilling lessons learned and recommendations into practical, experience-based chapters.

Serving Military Families in the 21st Century

The new edition textbook introduces readers to the challenges faced, and resilience shown, by military families. Available in hardcover and paperback from Routledge Academic, it includes personal stories from all branches and ranks of the military and those who work with military personnel, bringing their experiences to life. It also presents a review of the latest research, theories, policies and programs to better prepare readers for working with military families. Authors of the text include Karen Rose Blaisure, Tara Saathoff-Wells, Angela Pereira, Amy Laura Dombro and Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, director of MFRI.

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