MFRI to take part in Bush Center "Stand-To"

MFRI Director Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth heads to Washington, D.C. Friday to take part in an event aimed to create better supports for veterans and their families.

The Bush Institute is convening more than 70 organizations for an event called Stand-To, a military term for a call to action: to prepare, equip with resources, receive orders, and move forward in a unified approach.

Since January, three Bush Institute-led veteran task force groups have focused on education, employment, and health and wellbeing – the three issues that research shows are key to a successful transition.

MacDermid Wadsworth, represending MFRI, is part of a task force made up of representatives from the business, non-profit, government and academic sectors. She and others will present their recommendations and offering an opportunity to find solutions and a unified common vision to improve veteran outcomes during a new administration and the road ahead.