Additional trainings created for SBHP providers

Star Behavioral Health Providers training

A nationally-recognized initiative created by the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University (MFRI) and others has expanded training opportunities for civilian behavioral health providers.

Star Behavioral Health Providers (SBHP) now offers sustainment training for providers who have completed SBHP Tier Two training. The initiative was created by MFRI, the Center for Deployment Psychology, the Indiana National Guard and the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration in 2010. SBHP trains civilian behavioral health professionals about military-specific issues. It also helps military and veteran families find SBHP providers through an online registry that MFRI maintains and manages.

Providers wanting to increase their knowledge about service members, veterans and their families can sequentially complete three training tiers, each targeting specific areas of military culture and evidence-based psychotherapies. Providers that complete Tier Two training now can add sustainment training to their portfolio.

“Sustainment training was added to continue provider education,” said Christy Collette, MFRI outreach specialist. “Unlike prerequisite trainings, this covers additional topics, such as military sexual trauma. It also offers continuing education units.”

An award-winning initiative, SBHP is now active in nine states. The collaboration was the model for federal legislation that increased civilian behavioral healthcare support for military and veteran families.

The first sustainment trainings will take place Nov. 14-15 in at the American Red Cross of Indiana, 1212 E. California Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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