Family Journeys: Deployment Through Reintegration


What was the purpose of this project?

To better understand the experience of National Guard families throughout deployment. Participants were asked about their family’s experiences prior, during and after deployment.

Who qualified for the study?

Families with Indiana National Guard members close to deployment.

What were the participation requirements?

Families were asked to complete surveys and personal interviews approximately every five months throughout the cycle of deployment, including the return home.

What were the surveys and interviews about?

The surveys and interviews asked questions about the thoughts, feelings and behaviors families experienced during the deployment cycle.

Where were the surveys and interviews completed?

The surveys were available online and by mail. Interviews were held in the participants home or other suitable location.

What did participants get out of the experience?

Many families enjoyed relating their experiences. But to thank the participants, each family member was paid $30 for each survey and interview completed.