This page contains presentations given by our colleagues during MFRI events and programs.

Battlemind to Home Mental Health Summit 2017

Battlemind to Home Mental Health Summit - Sept. 2016

Battlemind To Home VI Symposium - Aug. 2015

Battlemind To Home V Symposium - Aug. 2014

A Overview of VA Resources for Veterans: What Faith-based, Community, and Nonprofit Organizations Need to Know - May 2014

Battlemind To Home IV Symposium - Nov. 2013

Student Veterans of America Leadership Institute - August 2013

Curriculum developed and delivered by MFRI

International Research Symposium - June 2013

Battlemind To Home III Symposium - Sep. 2012

SVA 2012 Leadership Institute - July 2012

Battlemind To Home II Symposium - Nov. 2011