Donate to MFRI

Since our founding in 2000, the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University has helped to shape policies for families across the United States through our research, teaching and engagement activities. Among our measurable impacts, in just the past year alone, we have: 

  • Trained nearly 4,000 providers across 23 states in military culture and evidence-based practices through the Star Behavioral Health Providers program; 
  • Attracted more than 220 community professionals from Indiana and beyond to our annual Battlemind to Home Summit; 
  • Conducted 45 Reaching Rural Veterans events in Illinois and Indiana, collaborating with 84 participating agencies and interacting with 235 veterans; 
  • Published a book chapter on the effects of deployment on military kids as groundwork for a new nationwide study called Operation Military Experience; 
  • Created snapshots of all 435 congressional districts in the United States through our Measuring Communities program; and  
  • Provided educational and job experiences to undergraduates and graduate students in such areas as public health, data science and computer graphics technology. 

As the world keeps changing, MFRI will be here to engage, study, educate and advocate to make the world a better place for military families.  

Please support us in our ongoing endeavors. Together, we can forge better futures for families.