Purdue Partners

Many Purdue researchers have helped create or improve programs that support service members, veterans and their families. Purdue educators have worked with MFRI staff in designing, implementing and evaluating outreach efforts such as Passport Toward Success, programs for military youth, and initiatives for higher education. We cultivate close working relationships with more than a dozen campus departments and organizations, thus generating a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise.

Human Development and Family Studies

Human Development and Family Studies. HDFS houses the Military Family Research Institute, which is an offshoot of the Center for Families. Housed in the College of Health and Human Sciences, HDFS generates knowledge and prepares students to practice in the social sciences. Majors include early childhood education, developmental and family science, Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Human Services.

Dr. Steven R. Wilson

Dr. Shawn Whiteman

Associate Professor Shawn Whiteman is a faculty partner on longitudinal research on civilian and ROTC students, and student service members and veterans. His work has appeared in the Journal of Counseling Psychology and other peer-reviewed journals. Learn more.

Brian Lamb School of Communication.jpg

Brian Lamb School of Communication. Committed to “openness” in communication and public affairs, the Lamb School is committed to building bridges to the media industry and to partnering with the C-SPAN Archives on research. Lamb School faculty and students have strengthened MFRI outreach programs while contributing to the growing body of literature about military family communications.

Dr. Steven R. Wilson

Dr. Steven R. Wilson

Professor Steve Wilson, Ph.D., conducted a formative evaluation of Passport Toward Success, he results of which have been published in Journal of Applied Communication Research. He has also spearheaded research efforts for MFRI’s summer camp for youths. Independent of MFRI, Wilson pursues his own research agenda examining how military families communicate. Learn more.

Purdue Center for Regional Development

Purdue Center for Regional Development. PCRD promotes an innovative, voluntary, collaborative approach to economic planning and analysis. Key competencies include new models of workforce development, support for small business, community/regional entrepreneurship and civic leadership. The PCRD has been a valuable partner in helping MFRI nurture economic opportunities for service members, veterans and military families.

Dr. Bo Beaulieu

Dr. Lionel Beaulieu

Lionel J. “Bo” Beaulieu, Ph.D. director of the Purdue Center for Regional Development and assistant vice president for engagement at Purdue University, is working with MFRI to help change how local leaders think about their military populations. Learn more.

Purdue Veterans Success Center

Purdue Veterans Success Center. provides a number of programs to help student veterans thrive in their new environment.The transition from military life to academics can be challenging. Essential services available through the OSS include orientation, advising and academic support. There is an even a Veterans Study Lounge for service members, veterans and their immediate families.

Dr. Bo Beaulieu

Jamie Richards

Jamie Richards is the Senior Assistant Dean of the Veterans Success Center. He works closely with MFRI to provide access to benefits and programs for military students and families. Learn more.

Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology. Purdue's Department of Sociology produces world-class scholarship, in the books and articles it publishes; offers two outstanding undergraduate majors, one in Sociology and another in Law and Society; and delivers an exceptionally strong graduate program.

Dr. Sarah A. Mustillo, associate professor of Sociology at Purdue, has partnered with the MFRI on a number of critical research initiatives. She serves as co-Principal Investigator of the Children and Military Life study, which is focused on developing a better understanding of family needs when a parent undergoes a wartime deployment. The study is conducted by MFRI and Westat, Inc., with funding from the Department of Defense. Learn more.

College of Technology

College of Technology. MFRI worked closely with Organizational Leadership and Supervision’s curriculum committee to standardize evaluation of military training and experience for directed departmental credit.

National AgrAbility Project

National AgrAbility Project. Based at Purdue’s School of Agriculture, this program helps eliminate or minimize obstacles for farmers, ranchers and other agribusiness professionals with disabilities. MFRI presented a national webinar and two-day leadership conference addressing the needs the needs of veterans with disabilities seeking to begin or continue their careers in the agriculture industry. Learn more.

Office of Institutional Equity

Office of Institutional Equity. Purdue’s Office of Institutional Equity supports the university’s mission to promote human and intellectual diversity by fostering an inclusive environment for students, faculty and staff. MFRI and the OIE have collaborated on a number of initiatives to improve educational opportunities and access for student veterans with disabilities. Learn more.

Purdue Academic Advising Association

Purdue Academic Advising Association. PACADA consists of academic advisers, faculty advisers, administrators and other student-service professionals. The association was created to promote professional progress and growth in academic advising while providing the best possible educational and career direction for students. MFRI has provided numerous presentations to PACADA focusing on issues related to student veterans. Learn more.

Purdue Extension

Purdue Extension. MFRI has teamed up with its Extension partners for statewide distribution of the How to Help Military and Veteran Families series of informational publications. The series is a joint effort of the MFRI, Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture and the National Military Family Association. Learn more.

School of Nursing

School of Nursing. Purdue’s School of Nursing helps students gain valuable skills by coordinating health-related activities at the Lafayette Stand Down, an event that MFRI created and has been an integral part of since 2011.

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