Photo of the MFRI staff at Grissom

The Mission

Through research and outreach, the Military Family Research Institute (MFRI) works closely with collaborators to improve the lives of service members and their families in Indiana and across the country. More than 2 million military service members have been deployed since Sept. 11, 2001, many serving multiple tours in combat zones thousands of miles from home. Their families serve too, managing challenges and opportunities unique to the military lifestyle. At MFRI, we work every day as a "force multiplier" for the support of military families in and beyond Indiana. Our efforts and leadership are helping to enhance our state’s reputation in military circles, and have caused us to be sought out by local, state and national decision makers for advice and collaboration. MFRI is part of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, within the College of Health and Human Sciences at Purdue University.

Five Goals

We are guided by five strategic goals:

  1. Support the military infrastructure that supports families.
  2. Strengthen the motivation and capacity of civilian communities to support military families.
  3. Generate important new knowledge about military families.
  4. Influence policies, programs, and practices supporting military families.
  5. Create and sustain a vibrant learning organization.

2014 Executive Report

MFRI's 2014 Executive Report will give you more insight into our strategic projects, research and outreach. The 2014 Annual Report is avaliable now and if you’d like to receive a copy, please send us an email at including your name, title, organization, mailing address and email address.